Diana Rice

I’m passionate about people being able to be who they really are – aligned with their core, living in alignment with their inner integrity.

My journey so far…

I came to energy healing through teaching exciting and demanding primary kids in Inner London – they taught me a lot! Business beckoned and I spent several years travelling in my work (sales and marketing) through the near Middle East and South America – one of my spiritual homes. I was intrigued by the lack of help or training I and others had and became a management development consultant and ultimately a coach and personal developer.

I coach people to have the confidence to know themselves and what they want – to be aligned with their true self.

And along the road I was introduced to Life Alignment. I have trained with Jeff Levin, the founder and as well as being a practitioner, I now teach Life Alignment to Practitioner level.

Life Alignment has transformed my life – and continues to do so!

I now offer:

  • Body Alignment – aligning you
  • Home Alignment – aligning home and work space with the occupants
  • Organisation Alignment – aligning the organisation, be it you or a business
  • Life Path Process – unblocking the aspects currently affecting a specific issue
  • I teach Body Spin (foundation course) and Modules 1 & 2
  • I coach – individuals and teams